Dog Parks & Beaches

Dog Parks & Beaches

Los Angeles is a huge city but it is lacking in dog friendly parks and beaches. Many cities, such as Santa Monica, Playa Vista, Beverly Hills, etc., have dog parks that are restricted to only their residents. Click HERE to find out more about dog parks in the city of Los Angeles. 

There are no dog friendly beaches in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey etc. Long Beach is probably the most dog friendly city. Click HERE to find more about dog beaches in the city of Los Angeles. 

Barrington Dog Park

This is a small, popular off-leash dog park located near the 405 and UCLA. Recently, part of the park was renovated by the Veterans Administration so it is only 50% of the size it was last year. Large and small dogs play together.

Sepulveda Basin Dog Park-Off Leash

This park has three separate sections, a large area, a small dog area, and mixed-use area. You can find trees water and grass at this park. The park is well maintained and has a core group of dog owners that keep the place looking good. Click HERE to find more about the park!

Westwood Dog Park

This park opened in December 2017. There are separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. At one time this park was meant to replace the Barrington Dog park but for now, both are open. Click HERE to find more about the park!